Sleep Was Not for You

Once again, willful one,
You decided that sleep was not for you

You decided that pre-dawn conversations
Would improve your language skills

Through the crackling in a tinny delight
the monitor recalled your dream

Were you saving the universe, my little force of power? Or are you running around with Kibby? Grabbing her tail and squealing?

I smile in a haze
Maybe one day you’ll love to sleep in

And when you do I’ll remember this night.

Belly Raspberries

Blinking away the fog of sleep
Confusion dissolves
with a toothless grin

A sudden eruption
of laugher
tickles my ears

Our eyes meet
and in that moment
is an infinite

In this moment
you are football sized
with little rolls on your legs
wide spreading fingers
and kicking legs

In this moment
You are angry
No, happy, sad, calm and raging

In this moment
this brief second
I realize
that I am like you
Naive and curious

Who will you be when you grow up?
What you spike your interest?
Who knows?

For now, belly raspberries will do.