Star Struck

You, sweet one,
gaze up at the stars
floating above your head

They bounce
and sway
as your hands reach upwards

Just yesterday
you hardly noticed them
but now
how fancinating
they are
Even more since they are just out of reach from those octopus blind arms

I see how the wheels spin in your mind
Complex algorithms
A mathmatical whirl

your determination grows

Reach up
Wiggle fingers

A silent cheer of happiness as you swing your prize about

How sweet is my reward of seeing you


I found my heart
this morning

In the dark veil of night
I crept about the house
Musing over the soft sighs
and coos from the other room

We rocked
Your body melted into mine

my heart

The radiator’s clank
and the gentle glide of the chair
soothes like a calling
back to home

Back to rest

An Interesting Month

Hazel has discovered some likes and dislikes. Mostly dislikes. And she’s not afraid to scrunch her face up and breathe angrily through her nostrils about it.

Month 6 has been a rollercoaster. From not sleeping to sleeping entirely through the night for close to two blissful weeks, to sleeping worse than ever for a week. Never a dull night. The bad nights unfortunately color everything else with a certain exhausted misery but we try to stay ever positive.

She’s so much more interactive, feeding herself small bites of food, eggs, avocados, and discovering chocolate-chip cookies with tremendous fervor. It’s amazing how curious she is about her environment and the things and people in it. And how judgmental. Hazel’s scrutiny, for a 6-month-old, is alarming. She watches with great appraisal all in her view. I think it’s a wonderful thing.