Sleeping Beauty

She sleeps! It’s a miracle! Who knows how long this blissful period will last, but the Haze has been putting herself down with and without her pacifier and this past week has been so wonderful as a result. She needs a bit of soothing from time to time, but the difference between the past week and the month before it is truly night-and-day. She seems much happier and more rested in the day and rests well at night. It did take a bit of sleep training, and a lot of desperation and despair, but to even get a week of good rests makes it all worth it. Don’t let me forget about this part when she’s teething.

Speaking of teeth, solid food has entered the arena, as well. Hazel seems to love bananas, peanut butter, cereal, carrots, and pretty much whatever we put on a spoon for her actually. If she’s anything like mom and dad, she will have a torrid lifelong love affair with foods of all kinds. For better and worse.

Otherwise, she grows more curious and engages more each day. It’s an unbelievably humbling and beautiful thing to see her develop. Hazey has gotten very good about entertaining herself and is playing with her toys on her own for longer periods. Before her naps and bed, we read with her and she loves to sit and follow along. Also her smiles are the most devastatingly sweet thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. Anyway, enjoy the image of her in her high chair with her trademark bright-eyed and engaged little look.

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