Leaps and Bounds

We’ve been graced with a few visitors from Lavonne and Dave to my mother alone. Debra has also been an enormous help, and we’ve gotten wonderful support from Maggie and her daughter Tia, all helping to allow Kat to return to teaching classes.

Hazel’s had a month of growth and regression and growth again. Such is the newborn way. She was doing very well with sleep, often eclipsing the five-hour mark in her first rest of the night, and even following it with a three-hour session. Once, she passed seven(!) hours in a single sleep. Of course this was all the calm before the storm. She is now in the midst of a difficult leap and waking just about hourly throughout the night. Mornings bring very sweet smiles and a taunting tongue, though, making the nights seem like distant memories.

She had her first date with Clark, Damon and Michelle’s son next door. I think it went… ok. Little bit of tension, maybe some awkwardness, but that’s how all first dates go. They’re stuck with each other so they better make friends fast or it’ll be a long neighborelationship.

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